We have a clear development roadmap based on our big goals. We always work hard every day to achieve those goals

Phase 1: Q2-3/2022

- Come up with an idea to build a project
- Supplement and complete the development team
- Complete database of tokens, projects celebrities, kol, inuencers, communities, channels, ventures capital and private lounges…..
- Find & Fix Bugs
- Building marketing plan

Phase 2: Q4/2022

- Create Genesis DeFi by Floki social media ( Telegram, twitter, youtube….)
- Genesis DeFi KOL Club & partners (Completed form & updating by day)
- Genesis DeFi vote site (Completed form & updating by day)
- Genesis DeFi Whitepaper, Github, KYC - Audit - Safu contract….etc
- AMA Tour with public and private lounges, communities….
- Twitter influencers and Telegram groups promote
- Genesis DeFi by Floki Presale on Pinksale (Fairlaunch)
- CEX Pre-listed : Coinmarketcap, Coingecko,
- Launching on Pancakeswap
- Marketing campains : Hot search, banners on AVE, Poocoin, Dextool…..and other vote sites
- Tiktok, youtube…video creation contest about GenesisDefi features & continue AMA tour
- Register for Kucoin & marketing support

Phase 3: Q4/2022 - Q1/2023

- Staking / Farming feature
- Communication cooperation with new units
- Genesis DeFi DEX mainet - Swap feature
- News, magazine ads
- Youtube, tiktok,instagram…communicate users by video ads
- Launch Genesis DeFi Personnel
- CoinW & Bitmart listing

Phase 4: Q2-3/2023

- Update more community list data and country classification, languages
- NFT 1st collection
- NFT Market Place Alpha Vers
- Genesis DeFi investment private group & public site
- Genesis DeFi CEX Listing Service
- Token burn
- Business development with sales team
- Connect launchpad parners
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