GenF Kols Club

Genesis Defi by Floki constantly searches, stores, and updates data about communities, influencers, and media channels…
GenF KOL Club brings to you constant searches, updates data about communities, influencers, and social media channels in the Crypto market. (A possible way of working like Wikipedia....)
Genesis Defi by Floki provides marketing services for the new project development teams, advising marketing solutions as well as supporting connections with global media by automatically sending messages and notifications to the owner communities, KOL...are selected based on the characteristics, advertising order requirements of the project development teams, inviting them to join the project's KOL community, help 2 parties connect with each other quickly, most effectively with low cost.
Genesis Defi by Floki allows the user community or builders to rate and vote for communities, celebrities, and media channels.... included in the GenF KOL Club list to change the ranking order, and help suggest other builders to easily evaluate and select media for their projects.